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Contributing Writers


Sarah Mayela Ramírez ‘17 - Co-Head Editor and Contributing Writer

Sarah is a double major in Politics and Sociology from Hanover, NH. The loves in her life include coffee, Gabriel García Márquez, House of Cards, and her huge and adorable lab Skye. She is passionate about social justice, immigration rights, the wealth gap, and Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. When she isn’t running around and doing school work, Sarah is going for long runs, playing music, or hanging out with her friends and fellow latin@s on-campus as a co-chair of La Unidad. She really likes passionate debates and arguments, and is therefore more than excited to have another platform to kill indifference.


Danielle Brown '18 - Contributing Writer

Danielle hails from a small town within the Houston, Texas area. A double major in English and Africana Studies with a passion for journalism, she strives to give back to her community by taking advantage of the opportunities offered at Mount Holyoke. Brown is a proud activist with a focus on helping those from low-income or first generation homes, and empowering Black and queer womxn. 


Mac Chambers '19 - Contributing Writer 

Mac  is considering Neuroscience as a major to pair with her pre-health studies. She is also committed to taking humanities courses to better care for patients’ minds as well as their bodies. Intersectionality is at the heart of her feminist philosophy. She enjoys reading, writing, and various geeky pursuits. Her favorite place in the world is the farmers’ market in her hometown of Burlington, Vermont.


Sonia Mohammadzadah ‘18 - Contributing Writer

Sonia is an English major with a minor in Anthropology and Educational Policy and Practice. When she isn’t singing in the V8s a cappella group, she is likely to be found on a bench by the lake pondering the meaning of life. She has strong opinions about the public education system, the Oxford comma, and people who put milk in their tea.


Emma Podolsky '18 - Contributing Writer

Emma is from a small town just outside of a really big town in New York. Their interests include queer and trans-inclusive activism on college campuses and beyond, painting, napping for 4+ hours, and making old white men uncomfortable when they speak up. Their favorite radical is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova because her last name is nearly as difficult to pronounce as their own.


Sea Thomas '19 - Contributing Writer

Sea is just a small town honey farmer from a tiny mess of a town in upstate New York going to school in western Massachusetts in the hopes of changing the world. They’re currently undecided in their field of study, but they love sculpture, painting, history, and writing. Sea has been known in some circles to climb trees when stressed out and is working on their PHD in cat petting. They’re incredibly grateful to have a platform in which they can open conversations relevant to campus and enact change.


Courtney Brunson ‘16 - Contributing Writer Alum

Courtney is an International Relations major, with minors in Law & Public Policy and Philosophy. She thrives on being overcommitted because she loves making the world a better place. She wishes her and Malcolm X could have been BFFs.


Olivia Janet Papp '15 - Co-Founder, Co-Head Editor and Contributing Writer Alum

Olivia graduated in 2015 as a double major in Politics and Sociology with a penchant for critical theory and radical politics. Motivated by a commitment to nuanced dialogue, her time at MHC has been marked by leadership in the Speaking, Arguing & Writing Center, Parliamentary Debate Society, and on the Politics Department liaison team. Notable hobbies include sociostructural arson, dancing on the graves of tyrants, and wine-fueled 4:00 am Twitter rants.


Mona Shadi '15 - Contributing Writer Alumna

Mona graduated as an IR major and Senior FP. She hopes to make films that upend the West's view of people from the North African and Arab world. She believes that culture is the key to creating better societies and that the Chihuly should be replaced by a 24-hour, bubbling fountain of medium-to-light roast coffee. She was recently delighted to learn her family in Egypt have deemed her "maritally hopeless" and that Spotify is not a pimple treatment gel. Salaam.


Lina Zuluaga '19 - Contributing Writer Alum

Hi folks! My name is Lina and I was born in the Sabana of Bogotá, Colombia but have been living in the warmth of Miami, Florida since 2001. I have an affinity for felines, feminism (the intersectional kind), and FLO-RIDA (the rapper not the state).


Maddie Cook ’18 - Co-Founder, Co-Head Editor and Contributing Writer

Maddie hails from the great state of Vermont where she enjoys the beautiful mountains, diverse community, and quirky art scene. She is a politics major with a love for theory and is trying to find a way out of her enraged quandary regarding the patriarchy. It is rumored that she is known to "fan-girl" over political radicals (she may have cried when she saw Angela Davis), and the way to her heart is stimulating conversation on any social issue. She is incredibly excited to collaborate with the Mount Holyoke community with this project through critical and passionate discourse.


Sasha Braverman ’18- Contributing Writer

Sasha survived the damp suburban wastelands of geriatric Florida. She now hibernates through the school year at Mount Holyoke, where she intends to major in Politics and Sociology. She tackles issues that vary from reparation for minorities to confronting the racial divide in the U.S. and many other multicultural communities. She currently strives to redefine the words “diversity” and “identity” in an American context, driven by her experiences growing up mixed race and queer. You can find her usually eating in bakeries and cafes, or watching old anime and TV shows in the crevices of the library


August Burg ’17 - Contributing Writer

August is a history major and (probably) gender studies minor, and a proud Slytherin. He is from a small town outside of Boston, where he was a founding member of his school’s Gay Straight Alliance, and he speaks for Greater Boston PFLAG and the MA Safe Schools Program, hoping to educate school faculty and students alike on LGBTQ+ awareness and activism. In his spare time, you will probably find him writing about gender representation and diversity in the media, from Steven Universe to Harry Potter, or cooking a delicious vegetarian meal.


Anya Karagulina '17 - Contributing Writer

Anya is a person from two places (namely, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Arlington, Virginia). They spend most of their time reading Twitter and books, or thinking about the tweets and books they would like to read. You may find them translating between Russian and English, and also sleeping (or as they say, “night napping”). This human person believes that words/conversations have the power to transform Mount Holyoke’s campus into a livable space for all.


Kimberly Neil '17 - Contributing Writer

Kimberly is an anthropology major and dancer from Chicago. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in psychiatric anthropology (or a similar field) and then progress to earning a PhD and conducting her own research in the field of mental health. She contributes to Proud2bme, a community associated with The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) that strives to support individuals in recovery from an eating disorder, and to encourage body positivity. Her other passions are choreography, spoken word poetry, blogging, befriending all the cats in the world, coffee, and crying over fictional characters. 


Dani Planer '19 - Contributing Writer

Dani is from the big city of the south known as Hotlanta, Georgia. They intend to major in Critical Social Thought as a result of their interest in being critical and also thinking. Dani has always loved trains and plans on being a commercial train engineer at least for a couple years once they exit college.


Noor Al Hasanat '17 - Contributing Writer Alum

Born and raised in Jordan, Noor is a Biology and Politics double major and the Arabic TA at MHC. Currently she is the Arab Association treasurer. Noor is a very good cook, so keep an eye out for the Arab Association dinners. She is known to be a tough lover with a unique sense of humor. She loves spinning, kickboxing and bear hugs. Noor is enthusiastic about this project because she believes in continuous passionate student based dialogue.


Madeline Klein '16 - Contributing Writer Alum

Madeline is a Psychology major and English minor. They are disabled and have been speaking and writing about disability and politics for most of their life. They hope to use their degree to help make the field of psychology more friendly and sensitive to the accommodation needs of disabled people, as well as possibly writing professionally. They enjoy reading, watching movies, drawing, and overthinking things.


Sabine Rogers ’18 - Contributing Writer Alum

Sabine is from what might be called the world’s smallest big city, in Vermont. She spends her time babbling in foreign languages, searching for the comics section in unfamiliar newspapers, and eating spicy foods until she cries. Currently pursuing a major in Undecided, Sabine is passionate about Environmental Studies, political activism, and any subject that starts with “geo-”. Her dream is to one day bike across the U.S. but until then, you might see her pedaling furiously across campus to print out a paper before class.


Ritti Singh '18 - Contributing Writer Alum
Ritti Singh is a sociology major from Rochester, NY. She's transferred to Mount Holyoke from Monroe Community College in the fall of 2015. She spends most of her time reading, thinking about the internet, and being overwhelmed by peak TV.