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On Campus

Letter from the Editors 09/24/2015

Radix Admin

Dear members and friends of the Mount Holyoke Community,

It is with heavy heart that we post today’s articles. We have been truly disappointed and saddened to hear our fellow students recount this painful story, especially within the gates of MHC. When starting this project last year, we had a few main goals we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to create a safe space where a diverse group of students were given time to connect. We wanted to create space where people could find kindred spirits in the midst of the many injustices in the world. We wanted to create a space where people could confront the real issues on this campus head-on, with the support and friendship of critical thinkers dedicated to a better campus. We wanted to create space where we could have open dialogue with one another in person. We want to embody what radix means; to grasp things at the root.

These are still our goals today and always will be.

Mount Holyoke has given many of us space that may not have been given to us before and we are grateful for this place where we find others with whom we connect. This institution is not perfect. However, this is an institution with immense potential.

So we ask the community to consider how we may reach this potential. At MHRadix, it is through passionate and critical discourse that we show our love for this school. We can and we must create more open discussion and dialogue within this institution. Therefore we are asking this community to address the elephants in the room. We are asking you to embrace the discomfort. We are asking you to be in discussion. Let’s embrace our potential so we can continue to move forward. It will not be easy, and it never was meant to be,

With that, we invite people to read and reflect. Although these articles touch on two students’ experiences, ask yourself how the broader themes of their story impact our campus as a whole. Reflect on how we can love our community and how we can make it better. While we have radical critique, it comes from a place of radical love and radical friendship.

With much hope and solidarity,

Maddie Cook ‘18 and Sarah Ramirez ‘17

Co-Head Editors of MHRadix