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On Baltimore: A Letter from the Staff

Race & Ethnicity

On Baltimore: A Letter from the Staff

Radix Admin

Dear Members and Friends of the Mount Holyoke Community, 

In light of the ongoing crisis in Baltimore, Maryland, the Radix staff is suspending status quo posts this week in order to provide a platform for student voices on campus to respond to and engage with national political strife. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Freddie Gray, the city of Baltimore, and members of our own community affected by the conditions of police brutality and political violence that gave rise to this tragedy and continue across our nation. 

We wish to send love and light to those who are experiencing great anger and sorrow, and want our readers to know our staff shares your rage. Let us remember, although riots may not be sweeping the streets of western Massachusetts, Baltimore is not an anomaly. This week reflects entrenched inequality in the American criminal justice system, institutionalized racism that runs rampant within and outside of our courtrooms, and violent apathy that extinguishes the fires of change.

During this busy time marked by papers, finals, and meetings, we urge members of the Mount Holyoke community to be with – to stand with – their fellow community members. This is a moment when we must actively choose to value our friends, our siblings, and all community members impacted. 

It is easy to look at the current events in Baltimore on a topical level. There is rioting; there is violence; there is unrest. Mainstream media depictions in the past 24-hours alone have allowed us to readily dismiss why these riots are happening. The for what. The for whom. As a publication committed to providing a platform for individuals to speak in and on their own terms, we direct our readers to a number of sources below that actively engage the voices of those in the streets of Baltimore and providing quality coverage of these events. This list is likely to expand in the coming days.

If you are seeking a platform to share your response and thoughts on Baltimore – whether broad scope commentary or a discussion localized to campus activism – we welcome you. Letters, proposals, and inquiries can be submitted on the Contact Us page. 

In solidarity,  

Maddie Cook, Olivia Janet Papp & the Staff of Radix

Most Important Stop: A Phenomenal Baltimore Coverage "Syllabus"

Other Pieces Invoking Local Narrative

In Baltimore a Cry for Justice for Freddie Gray (Colorlines)

Coverage from the Streets of Baltimore (Vice News)

 Nonviolence as Compliance in Baltimore (The Atlantic)

Additional Quality Coverage

Clashes in US City: Baltimore after Freddie Gray funeral (Al Jazeera)

Don’t expect Loretta Lynch to react to Baltimore the same way Eric Holder did to Ferguson (Vox Media)

Further Relevant Information

Since 2011, Baltimore has lost or settled more than 100 cases related to police brutality (Vox Media) 

Undue Force (Baltimore Sun)

City Comparison (Mapping Police Violence)

Resource List Updated May 2, 2015